Marie L. Recommends Gregory Pearce

... I am 88 years old, still living in my home(thanks to you). I play Texas Hold'em at the senior center 3 times a week. It is lonely after being married 66 years and I've been reminded that I would not be in this situation except for you. So many times my daughter and I talk about you and how grateful we are for your advice and help. I am able to do what I want without a worry; buy gifts for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. My grandaughter is having twins and I was able to buy a Bob Twin Carriage, which is not cheap. If I stayed on the same road I was on when I met you such a large gift would have been impossible to purchase.

My friend of 50 years Phyllis feels the same way.

I thank you. My family thanks you.

– Marie L.

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