One of the Henderson Sisters - Hopkinton Recommends Gregory Pearce

I cannot possibly overstate how pleased I was with this man! He was referred to me [by friends].

I saw him on a Thursday and he had our wills, trusts, powers of attorney, medical POAs, and I don't even REMEMBER what else done by TUESDAY! Then he took care of all the annoying details, like transferring our deeds into our trusts, and finally sent us each a comprehensive binder with everything anyone would ever want to know about our affairs.

Smart, professional, charming, AND he speaks in English and not lawyerese. It has been a number of decades since I have been so impressed with a new business contact.

Don't put it off! Give him a call and get it done -- it took us exactly 1 1/2 hours and now everything is ready for those who will have to deal with our stuff.

– One of the Henderson Sisters - Hopkinton

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