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  • Kathy O. Recommends Gregory Pearce

    "I am really delighted with the way things went with you. Dad really trusts & respects you, and you got him to do something he has been putting off for 20 years. Everyone's relieved, including him (though of course he won't say it that way)."
  • LG - Newburyport Recommends Gregory Pearce

    "Greg, thank you so much for all your help with the selling and buying of my homes. Newburyport is a nice place to live and if you're ever in the area look me up."
  • Anne - Hopkinton Recommends Gregory Pearce

    Dear Greg, Thank you for achieving in one phone call what we have been unable to do in 2+ years. I received and was quite impressed by the estate binder you sent. I greatly appreciate your competence and assistance.
  • One of the Henderson Sisters - Hopkinton Recommends Gregory Pearce

    I cannot possibly overstate how pleased I was with this man! He was referred to me [by friends]. I saw him on a Thursday and he had our wills, trusts, powers of attorney, medical POAs, and I don't even REMEMBER what else done by TUESDAY! Then he took care of all the annoying details, like transf...
  • Jenn - Andover Recommends Gregory Pearce

    Thank you! You should consider teaching. You are really good at explaining things!
  • Elena - Canton Recommends Gregory Pearce

    I want to let you know how often we think of you and how grateful we are for your estate plan for my parents. Elena
  • Steve W. - Chelmsford Recommends Gregory Pearce

    I am yet again, as a ship in uncharted waters, given new cause to be thankful for finding you as well as for your breadth of experience and knowledge. What a relief. 2 Cor. 9:12
  • Marie L. Recommends Gregory Pearce

    ... I am 88 years old, still living in my home(thanks to you). I play Texas Hold'em at the senior center 3 times a week. It is lonely after being married 66 years and I've been reminded that I would not be in this situation except for you. So many times my daughter and I talk about you and how gr...

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